Monday, December 27, 2010

Haiku : Love

 (5-7-5 syllables)                


      Whom you're waiting for?
     Getting scared to open up
     But the true feelings !


  Title Suggested  By :  Moonomo
        Image   : Google Images.


  1. I'm truly glad to read this Haiku here! I was waiting and waiting to see it and comment on this!

    Love the picture you picked for the Haiku- matched well. ;)

  2. I'm happy that you liked it :) I have learnt a lot from've been a great inspiration ! ;)

  3. loved it.... you express so well...thank you for sharing...

  4. Yeah, this Haiku really speaks up for that hidden feelings. It's so well revealed! I'm sure many more Haikus are to be revealed by you, Kitty. And for sure, I'll be among those coming back here again. :)

    I'm your follower, and it seems to be the first! :)

  5. A BIG thanks Balqis :)
    thank you for your visit, comment and made my day ! :D

  6. @ Sabita :

    thank you sabi for your nice comment :)
    I'm glad that you loved it.
    keep visiting ! :)

  7. Really love without true felling is just like a heart without beats.

  8. thanks toofan for your visit n comment :)

  9. Waiting for her PRINCE!
    She fears to get rejected!!
    So holding LOVE back!

  10. WOW ! very nice suresh ! beautifully expressed the same... :)
    Thank you for your visit n for beautiful haiku :)

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  12. @LeoPaw:

    Thank you! :)

    You too have expressed such emotions in your blog entry (Unexpressed Emotions-) very nicely ! :)

  13. Thank you!
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