Thursday, December 22, 2011

Haiku Duo : Robot & Resolution

(5-7-5 syllables)


People love gadgets,
Stop expressing feelings and
Become a Robot.


Emotions won't be
Worn outwardly - I'll limit
Them to my writings.

Image : Google Images


  1. Oh, this is awesome!:) I like it how you express and hold your emotions here..:) Happy holiday Kitty!:)

  2. Expressions.. emotions... such things that sometimes best if written, from there it keeps the feelings for some time.. :)

    Happy holidays Kitty!

  3. @ Sagittarian :

    Thank You Sagi !
    Happy holidays to you too ! :)

  4. @ Aj Banda :

    Hi Aj, nice to see you again..Thank you !
    Happy holidays to you too :)

  5. well written...super.
    but, why? put a limit....wo kehte nahi hai bhavnayo ko behne do, jitni beh jaye achha hai...:)

  6. Hi Inaam,

    maine kaha, main apni bhavnayein apni lekhni tak hi simit rakhungi :)

    Thank you ID, come often !

  7. Finally, Kitty spoke ,,

    An emerging robot, I am !

    well worded imagination of fact Kitty,

    Pleased to link this elegant Blog..

  8. :))
    Happy to see you here Jar !
    An emerging robot with a heart? :)

    Thank you for your kindness..

  9. Putting a mask and feelings inside kept hidden- Robotic generation! :))

    Holding 'em in writing truly helps- why limiting?

    Nice duo, Kitty!

  10. ooops!!! atlast after long pause u used ur gadget and expressed ur feeling by writing.. its too conclusion of 2011.. very electrobilogical feeling :))...superbbbbbb

  11. Beautifully expressed the bitter truth of today's materialistic world where finer human feelings like kindness, affection, care and love are subdued and suppressed or rather, in some cases, replaced by the mere amenities provided by machines whom we trust more than ourselves and keep on trying to obtain higher and higher facilities of life by dint of money bypassing those without whom our lives would be no less than a desolate cremation ground. Nice and lovely.

  12. @ Moonomo, @ Unseen World & @ Samrat :

    Thank you all for sharing your views and appreciating my work.
    You all have been so kind to me.

    Thank you once again !

  13. Here is a list of things I like, some of them I have an emoptional attachment to:

    1. Other people catching lice. That's always an uplifting experience for me.
    2. Orange juice pulp, well any kind of pulp really.
    3. Pitara - I don't know what it means, but I now say it over and over again. Pitara Pitara Pitara
    4. People who acknowledge your story by saying "that's nothing" and then launching into their own story. Those people I stab in the ear with a knitting needle. Now THAT is a story they can re-tell over and over....
    5. Shy people that pretend they are robots so they have a shield. I like popping their batteries out.

  14. @ Ketchup Chips :

    Hello Darrel,

    welcome to my blog ! :)

    1. Catching lice is not an easy task, you need a lot of concentration ! :)

    2. I prefer juice over pulp...sometimes pulp gives you a throat jaming ;)

    3.Pitara is a Hindi language word, means Magician's Box

    4. :))

    5. No more agree with you :)

    Your comments are such a pleasure to read ! I would like to see you here more often :)

    Thank you ! :)

  15. I love your words in this poem, Kitty. Very expressive, my new friend.

    1. Hello MJ,

      Welcome to my blog !
      Glad to be your friend..
      Thank you so much for your encouraging words!:)