Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poem : My Precious Pearl

A little droplet
Aghast of being lost in the ocean,
Hid herself in a shell
And emerged as a pearl !
And this pearl rests in my heart...

Once in a blue moon,
This pearl turns into tears  
 And craves to appear ;
But I won't let her depart,
So will cherish it in my heart.

 Image snaped by me     


  1. "this pearl turns into tears"so beautiful kitty

    it's such a joy to read you!

  2. Thank You Saliha !

    You are so quick ! Happy to see you again :)
    Missing you on bloggers...

  3. the drop
    the tiny drop from deep inside of your heart
    has turned to pearl
    no wonder
    the love and faith
    helped the drop from getting lost
    and maturing to a preciuos pearl
    with love and peace

  4. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and visit ! :)

  5. I wish I knew more about poetry so I could say more than just:

    Beautiful :)

  6. I'm not sure whether I'm writing a poetry :D... just trying my hand and writing down few words to express my feelings :)

  7. Yeah, so is the pearly expression you have here.
    Lest you should lose it one day, you do fear.

    May you have it for ever.
    A beautiful poetic gift after a long silence!!
    Let us cherish it in our heart!

  8. Kitty, the expression of feelings is a smile has its effect, tear too has its own impact...some times unspoken words are expressed by tears & many times tears are more expressive even the words...hearty congratulation on beautiful creation...

  9. @ Suresh : I've no words but just Thank You! :)

  10. @ Shahin : exactly ! we can express our feelings by many ways...well said !

    Thank you for visit and comment Shahin :)


  12. nice music ! tempting dance beats :):)

  13. Heart being the best place for the pearl- tears of fears couldn't touch it- :)

    I tell you to bring more pieces out on this world- keep doing it please! :)

  14. Ah- I feel relaxed now..Thank you ! :)

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  16. thank you Fiducia for the information...
    I was expecting few words for my post too ;)

    happy blogging ! :)

  17. i'm so glad kitty to read that, i feel so lonely

  18. Thank you Lynne ! :)

    So nice of you Miss Lego, for your appreciation !
    keep visiting :)

  19. though,a few words.....but expressed deep feelings!!!! beautiful poem!!!!!

  20. I appreciate your compliment..Thank you Aakriti !
    come again :)

  21. Hello Kitty,
    Your precious pearl is still shiny.
    The older it grows, the shinier it looks!

    Now, let me CONGRATULATE YOU on your being elected for the Sunshine Award. Please visit the latest post 'Another WOW' on, will you? :)

  22. Hello Suresh,

    I am humbly accepting one more award from you ! :-) Thank you very much for thinking of me again ! A Big thanks to you for your generosity and kindness.

    Thank You ! :)

  23. kid about poem.. but mature to feel feelings.. its awsome to read ur poems..

  24. @ Unseen World

    Thank you ! :)

  25. So so so beautiful, I loved the first part of the poem a lot

  26. Hello Saru, I am glad that you loved it, Thank you ! :)

    pls keep coming !

  27. wow........the presentation of droplet as person is realy beautiful! a sweet poem!!!!!!!! :) keep goin friend! :)

  28. Thank you Aakriti made my day by so many comments ! I really appreciate it :)

    thank you so much ! keep coming :)

  29. I was wondering that I read it somewhere and when I scrolled down I saw my comment. It's a beautiful piece kitty:)

  30. I enjoyed your words its soft and lyrically beautiful. The story of the drop... so perfect... in fact, there is an old Zen saying... "How to save a drop of water from drying up? Take it to the sea."
    Liked your ending... so perfect.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  31. @ Saru :

    Hi Saru,
    You are so sweet !
    Thank you for revisiting and commenting again
    you are always welcome here - the more the merrier :))

  32. @ Shashi :

    Thank you so much Shashi ji..your comment is so encouraging !
    keep visiting ! :)

  33. This precious pearl is priceless too.Sweet poem dear.Luv it

  34. Yes, indeed !

    Thank you Christy - come again !

    You have a nice food blog... Great photos & the food looks really yummy! :)

  35. very interesting poem!!

    quite liked ure blog.. am from Mumbai too :)

  36. Welcome to my blog SJ !
    Glad that you liked my blog.

    I liked your fashion blog too..
    Thank you for viewing my blog ! :)

  37. Such a beautiful poem! I work for a hospital in Dallas, TX and we actually have a program called "Precious Pearls". Would you mind if we quoted you?

    email me:

    Would greatly appreciate your time and consideration!

    1. Hello Rebecca,
      Thank you so much for your appreciation.
      Its absolutely fine if you quote me in your program.

      Keep visiting! :)

  38. poem has its own beauty while writing/reading,
    you never know how it will end....

    1. Thank you so much for your visit and comment.
      Extremely sorry for the late response..
      keep visiting! :)