Friday, October 21, 2011

Haiku : . . . . . ?

(5-7-5 syllables)

I couldn't make out a title for this Haiku. Please suggest some  :-)

We both are alike,
Introvert, loner and shy
so let's meet in dreams !

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  1. 'WOW' for your Awoo and name ! :))

    I'm so happy to see you as the first to comment.
    Thank you Moon! :)

  2. Hmm good haiku. Appreciation if i start will not be a haiku in size but a sonnet in in length:)
    all the best Nice knowing you


  3. Such a fine haiku, deep in sense!
    Well, on observing the lines and analyzing the meanings, I feel " River Banks" may suit, since you see they are sitting apart, not next to each other; they are silent, alike; and the main thing is the third line - their meeting in dreams, not in reality!

  4. Hi, I like it!:) Great! But I don't like to meet my honey in dreams alone, if ever..:):) lols

  5. @gems :

    Hello Gopal, welcome to my 'pitara' :)
    It would be beyond my worth still I would love to read your sonnet :))
    You are so kind with words, thank you !

  6. @ Suresh :

    Thank you Suresh for suggesting a nice suitable title with a beautiful explanation ! :)

  7. @Sagittarian :

    Hi Sagi, even I don't like them meeting in dreams but both being introvert, loner and shy, its very hard for them to take initiative. They can only confront each other in dreams ! So let them meet in dreams :))

    Thank you sagi for sharing your views ! :)

  8. Beautiful...Lets catch up in dreams...lovely!

  9. I’m not that much in this, but
    my trust in kitty is unlimited,
    So I’m waiting to enjoy..

    Go on kitty

  10. @ جار سهيل Jar s hail :

    Hello Jar,

    Thank you for your kind and supportive words, I really do appreciate them !:)

    is my new home far away from the madding crowd :) sonnet will follow

  12. :) impressive thought and feeling .. but i more impressed by pic which complimenting the poem..

    Happy deepavali to you and your beloved one..
    .. Takecare of yourself.. so we will be blessed always with such beautiful feelings by haiku..

    its Blurred Dream !!! i can say

  13. Very beautiful lines with deeper connotations. Sometimes I, looking at the star-studded sky at night, wonder, does a star really think of itself the way I do of it? A star isn't a star for a beholder all the time. It's serene, tranquil, pure aura probably simbolises true love that one can never reach nor touch. sometimes it ignites a spark into the heart of the beholders only to chase and actualise their dream, however distant and impossible it may seem. Sometimes it seems to whisper into the ears of a love-lorn loner, '' look at me, my love for my beloved earth is so real, I know I can never get united with her, yet I always twinkle in the sky only to reassure her of my truthfulness and integrity''. Anyways, You wanted the name, right? It may be, The Earth and the Star. I am not sure though. Excellent Haiku.

  14. Introvert,loner and shy ...meets in dream. Amazing Haiku dear..couldnt sais anything more . :) Stay blessed

  15. @ gems :

    Hi Gopal, I will surely visit your new home soon !..and yeah, eagerly waiting for your sonnet :) Thank you for letting me know.

  16. @Unseen World !!!

    Hello SS, Thank you so much for your visit n nice comment.
    Happy Deepawali to you too...though belated ! :)
    sorry for responding late.

  17. @ The Solitary Writer :

    Hi TSW, welcome here !
    Thank you so much for your visit n nice comment.
    I'd gone thro' your (same tittle) blog. You've an amazing blog ! :)
    Nice to meet you here !
    come again :)

  18. @ Samrat :

    Hi Sam, Thank you so much for your very imaginative and thoughtful comment and of course, for the name...though I still feel that they can meet in reality if they both put a little more effort !... what's your say? :)

  19. If the web is like a dream, then all of us meet this way. Very enjoyable post.

  20. @ Neil Killion :

    Hello Sir, I'm amazed at how you said it so accurately that too in a very simple way ! :))

    I'm very happy by your visit and comment, Thank you so much !

  21. @GeetS :

    Hi Geeta, welcome here :)
    Thank you for dropping by my site!
    come again! :)

  22. Perhaps "kindred spirits" might suit as a title, that is what came to mind when I read this lovely haiku :)

  23. 'Kindred spirits' wow ! such a beautiful title !
    Happy to see your comment here Maria, Thank you ! :)

  24. Lovely haiku !!!
    Emotions are felt through distance too...
    " Love " is a suitable title for your beautiful haiku...

  25. I'm glad you like the Haiku and you felt the emotions I was trying to convey. Thank you Shahin ! :)

  26. Every word begins with silence =)))
    Nice post and lovely blog like you !

  27. Hi Arundhathy, welcome here! :)

    :)) You are a deep observer, I really appreciate your comment.

    Thank you ! :)
    come again..

  28. Thanki you kitty for ur visit,nice to know that someone still visits there :)

  29. I love it!! I felt something weird inside of me after reading it...

    I bet I'll give "You" as a title for this. :)

  30. @Saliha :

    Its my pleasure Saliha ! There is no reason not to visit your site...its my bad habit of checking those whom I care for ;))

  31. @ Aj Banda :

    Hello Aj, welcome to my blog !
    Glad that you liked it. I take it as compliment :)

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  32. Simple words...Great Expression :)

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  34. You evoke so much emotion in so few words, Kitty. Not a gift many can boast of. I'd give it "Where we meet". Anyway, a pleasure being here. Truly enjoy your writings.

  35. @ AfterTim :

    Hello AT, It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you here !

    I'm really humbled and flattered by your words.

    Thank you so much for your visit and encouraging comment ! :)

  36. wow this is so sweet .Love your blog.

    Follow each other,

  37. Hi Izdiher,

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  39. Lets meet in dreams.. really loved that! Thanks a lot for the lovely comments on my blog!

  40. "Have some belief on me"
    Why we both are in that situation...that we are going to meet in just take one step, I'll take as many as I can.
    I think it's good for both........:)

  41. They are in that situation because of their nature... don't you think so? :)

    First step is always the hardest that too when you are not sure about other..

    Thanks Inaam for your lovely comment.
    Keep visiting ! :)

  42. hi kitty beautifully written,look forward to some more:)

  43. Thank you Alka ! I'll try for sure to update my blog more frequently :)


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  46. Uff.. its long time no new posting.. seems life is busy ..

  47. Oh my God.........why the hell did i missed reading this post!!!!! :)

  48. @ Unseen World...!!!

    Oops ! sorry for disappointing you SS ! :)
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  49. @ Aakriti :

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  50. Yep understand, time is running short.. very soon i will looks like granpa..:).. but there is some bonding, for which we have to clinch time...
    Now its sure its tough to find ,coz we really lives in galaxy.. and there are somany unvisited planets..

  51. That'a a gr8 haiku.So very deep and thought provoking. I'm still thinking for a title. The more I think deeper I go. For sure that title has to be extraordinary to represent the explicit beauty of these lines.

  52. I love haiku and some times I write them too... this one has the perfect image of meeting ...
    thanks for sharing..

    Here is a post about Haiku, I hope you would like it...

    PS: I have retweeted your the post at twitter too... :-)

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  53. @ Shashi :

    Welcome to my 'pitara' :)
    Glad that you liked my haiku.
    I'd gone through your blog and checked haikus, commented there.
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    Thank you !
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  54. @ Sigit :

    Do you want to know about Haiku?

    Haiku is japanese form for short poems that
    consists of only three lines of 5-7-5 syllables.


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  60. Thank you 4 a knowledge 4 me ..:) terima kasih ( thank you )...

  61. @Sigit :

    Kembali (You're welcome)... ( Is it correct?) :D

  62. terima kasih kembali ( you"re welcome )

  63. Beautiful! I completely identify with it (the shy guy I have a crush on is as weird as me and I doubt we'll ever meet!)
    Suggested Title: "Shying from Love" or "My Love Life" (- lol I find the latter more appropriate because I identify with it and refuse to admit that this is shying away!).

  64. @Funny Gypsy :

    Hi, Welcome here ! :)

    I am glad to know that many people find the feelings expressed through this haiku identical to the ones they have experienced in their life.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and for a suitable title. :)

    I would like to see you here more often :)

  65. it makes us search for something with in us, leave us empty handed! - me janardhan

    1. Hello Janardhan, welcome to my blog.
      Thanks for sharing your view/thoughts..

      would like to see you more often !:)

  66. Hey Kitty ...this is my favorite haiku....I loved it very much.....I just want to inform you that I shared this haiku on my facebook you credit as well as adding your blog link....Hope you don't mind.....If you don't like it...please let me know....I'll remove it :)
    Thank you :)

    1. Hi Valli,
      Its fine! I don't mind sharing my blog/posts with anyone and I'm more than happy to know that you liked it and thought to share it with your friends (in facebook). Infact I should be thankful to you for your kind gesture.

      Thank you so much Valli...I'm humbled! :)

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