Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sun and Moon at Dusk . . .

While capturing these pictures on my cell phone, I didn't actually realize that the sun and the moon look almost similar. At the end of the day (literally) :-) they both appear to look alike at some level.

      The setting Sun...

     The rising Moon...

See the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... we need silence to be able to touch souls...

 Poem: The way I see...

The sun and the moon -
the two beautiful eyes of the sky,
watch us day and night.

When the whole day's tiredness,
effects the sun's brightness, then
the moon comes up and spreads light.


  1. that was nice,
    But I think the Sun is more keen to do its jop the right way , while the moon (we always loved), stay off some nights..

    Kitty, I’ll around waiting for your next..

  2. Wow! what a pleasant surprise ! you're so quick ! :)

    You're right. The fact is that the sun never gets tired and the moon is not always bright. It is purely based on my imagination.
    May be, I imagined it that way on seeing picture. :)

    Thank you so much for your visit and nice comment. You're always welcome here. :)

  3. Sun shine the life and Moon alive the dreams- that is both dream and life looks alike at a time of rising and setting-

    It's moonstruck thought! :))

  4. WOW ! I'm awestruck by moonstruck thought ! :))
    You said it so beautifully moon! I'm speechless ! :)

  5. Hi, the scientific truth is depicted in a beautiful poetic rhythm under an elegant romantic setting (the photographs), which vividly exhibits the sweet, pure, innocuous heart of the writer. Very Nice.

  6. Beautiful clicks and the poems is so apt...Loved the post!!!


  7. @ Samrat :

    Hi Samrat, nice to see you and your comments here, Welcome !:)

    You are so kind with words ! I'm flattered with your sweet comment. Thank you! :)

  8. @ Saru :

    Hi Saru, nice to know that you loved the post ! thank you ! :)

  9. Kitty,
    I thought of something that happens each mid-Hijri month, that is ; If you look east you’ll see the moon Just rising < look west you’ll see the Sun(sinking) << I hate sunset, It resembles The End .. while sunrise start of life

  10. Yes sun and moon symbolizes life.. That after every sunset of life there is sunshine coming in..:)

    Have a wonderful day!:)

  11. @ جار سهيل (Jarshail) :

    Yes exactly , even we experience such kind of feelings while the sun is setting.. it gives us a dull and sinking feeling.. I have mentioned it as 'tiredness' in my above poem, but we should look at the brighter side of life, and as you said, look at the rising moon, moon symbolizes love, dreams and new hopes! Even sunrise resembles liveliness, freshness and start of life ! :)

  12. @ Sagittarian :

    Yes Sagi, even nature tell us that after every fall , there is a rise.
    Thanks and have a wonderful day to you too ! :)

  13. :) this proves your poetic mind.. its such nice presentation of sun of moon in poetic format.. and liked the views by other poetic minds on blogs.. its my pleasure to see here somany well described view of 2 very much needed natural objects .

  14. @ Unseen World :

    Hello SS - Thank you so much for your visit and nice comment ! :)
    You're right, there are so many great poetic minds around and when they visit me here and share their views, I just feel great ! I've so much to learn from them... You all make me feel proud and honoured.
    Thank you so much to you all ! :)

  15. Ooh!
    A nice poem on the sun and the moon; it is right!
    One awakes by day, and the other offers sleep at night!! :)

  16. Oh my, lovely poem Kitty! :)
    When sun gets tired, moon scrolls up to brighten the world falling into darkness! Such a beautiful truth but always remains hidden! Thanks for sharing such a nice thought!:)

  17. You pamper me beyond my worth! Thank you ! :)

  18. Wonderful picture of your passion and great poem to see what you see jwyatt76

  19. Hi J , welcome to my blog ! :)
    Thank you so much for your kind words :)

  20. @ onehealthtip :

    Thank you ! :)
    I love your blog too - a very neat, clean and healthy template too ! :)

    thank you for the visit n comment, come again! :)

  21. moon and the sun are like two people that were never destined to see each other but one is giving the other the light while the other takes its place during night.


  22. Yes, beautiful description!
    Thank you Aj ! :)

  23. This blog is very beautiful. I want this type of information but not get anywhere and now I got from your post. You should continue do this type of post.

  24. your blog is different...liked it a lot.