Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Through the eyes of my cell phone : A dusky cloudy day

Long Way To Go...

A hill in the background, cloudy sky and a passerby... captured on my cell phone camera. It reminds me the lines of Rabindranath Tagore... ' If they answer not to thy call walk alone...' (ekla chalo re...)


  1. Beautiful picture and the words of Tagore are so apt with this shot!

  2. A day to let the sad sands flee around- in the mind- every souls is all alone!

    This is great- you read Bengali?

  3. @ Saru : yeah, the first thing that came to my mind on seeing this pic is Tagore's famous song 'Ekla chalo re...' :)
    Thank you Saru !:)

  4. @ Moonomo :

    Hi Moon, yeah I understand Bengali a bit. You know, we've 14 official regional languages and more than 22 spoken languages all over India. I lil bit understand a few languages and Bengali is one of them :)

    Its been a great pleasure to read your comments.
    Thank you Moon ! :)

  5. @ Sagittarian :

    Thank you Sagi for liking it ! :)

  6. A meaningful picture! It reminds us of the harsh reality of life - we have come to this world alone, pace ahead to the ultimate destination alone like Steve Jobs. And, learn a great lesson to be self-determined and self-dependent on the journey!

  7. Your comment is deep and you saw through many meaning that even I was not aware of !
    Thank you for giving so beautiful interpretation to my simple photograph.
    It's always been a great pleasure to read your comment.
    Thank you so much ! :)

  8. It has been quite long for me to recite these words of Rabindra nath tagore........
    Jadi koi daak shunoto naa aaye, tami ekla chalo re....i guess its something like this!

    Pic is apt.or perhaps, the song and the pic complete each other!
    Thanks for sharing friend! :)

  9. It should be like this...'Jodi tor dak shune keu na ashe tobe ekla cholo re...' Tagore himself translated it as 'If they answer not to thy call walk alone...' a meaningful n' very inspiring lyrics and melodious music composed by Tagore himself. Great One !

    Thank you Akriti for recalling, reminding beautiful moments :)

  10. Hello sm , welcome here ! :)
    Thank you so much for your visit n nice comment.

  11. @ Rahul :

    Hello Sir, Thank you so much for your encouraging words !
    nice to see you here - welcome ! :)

  12. Hi Kitty, this word of Rabindranath Tagore "(ekla chalo re...)If they answer not to thy call walk alone..." inspire me too much. About me It's not a combination of small word. I think this word encourage every human being to self-independent.

  13. Yes Manoj ji, rightly said, those words are very inspiring ! It motivates to move forward with positive attitude in life...

    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving nice words here !