Thursday, August 18, 2011

Haiku : Retrospect

(5-7-5 syllables)

When you look back, you
feel the taste of discomfort
wasn't all that bad.


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  1. how true!!!!!!! retrospection always gives us peace and some sort of satisfaction! :)

    nice haiku!

  2. Exactly Aakriti, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful :)
    keep coming - thank you ! :)

  3. Thanks for your retrospective haiku. So wise! So you smile back at the past discomfort that has brought you to the position of comfort so far!! :)

  4. It's about how you take past discomforts in a positive way or in a negative way... you need to be ready to move on and find a positive way forward. Sources of discomfort should be seen as a compass for growth. The negativity is not ours if we don't take it. :)

    Thank you Suresh ! :)

  5. The funny part of looking back is- the bad looks ugly- with little to middle age of discomfort-

    The more day pass, pain become less and start to looking something that makes you smile- to think they wasn't that bad-

    How wonderfully you put all those in short form! Great work, Kitty! :)

  6. Thank you Moon ! you explained it so well I couldn't agree more ! :)
    Always happy to see you around.. :)

  7. Sorry Kitty,I know I'm late this tyme,but still Loving your post as USUAL ;)

  8. You arn't late Saliha, my haiku is incomplete without your comment ! now it looks better, Thank you ! :)

  9. Nice blog you have, keep writing

  10. Hello Vijay- Thank you for stopping by :)
    I'll try for sure !

    pl come again :)

  11. "things get better in time" i think the older you get, minute by minute and day by day many emotions,situations, problem and solutions, etc happen. that in the moment your in, you take a look back and realized theres always something to be happy about no matter what. the ugly past is the past. always smile :)

  12. Hello Matt, welcome here :)
    Yes Matt, you're right ! when we look back , there's always something to be happy about...

    nice to see you here, thank you so much for you visit n thoughtful comment !

    Happy blogging ! :)

  13. I’ll put it this way :
    Don’t look back, So you don’t
    feel the taste of discomfort.
    The past always have definite discomforts , where the future , yet we don’t know..

    Your blog is a running stream of
    meaningful thoughts

  14. Good One !
    Thank you so much for your kind words ! :)

  15. Your best work I've seen Kitty. Profound and short. It seems we always look upon those hard times that fortify us fondly. And now, I try to endure them with the hope of looking back as a stronger soul. And fondly.

  16. Hi Cwatts,

    Welcome to my blog ! :)

    You're right! We usually go through struggles with lots of discomfort but when we look back, we feel stronger and more confident to face such discomforts in life again.

    Thank you for sharing your views.
    would like to see you more often ! :)